Reduced air polution in production
The item can be recycled after use
Made from recycled material
Promotes sustainable consumer practice. The material has been sourced from a well managed sustainable supply
Reduced Dunnage. Less material is discarded as waste
Reuse of post-consumer material

Coasters made from recycled plastic bottles 
These vibrant, colourful coasters aremade from recycled plastic bottles, neatly pressed to make asolid, durable material rich in both colour and story.

They are a great example of how we canreuse our waste to produce modern, functional design pieces.

Size: 9cm x 9cm

Due to the recycled nature of this item, design and colour may vary from the picture shown.

Available singlely or in packs of 4.

Price £2.00

Postage £3.45


Additional Information:

These coasters are made from a material produced by a UK company called Smile Plastics.
They are committed to sourcing anddeveloping innovative ideas and markets for recycled materials,concentrating on transforming plastics waste into multicoloured sheets.

This is what they say:

"Every industrial process uses energy and creates waste and recyclingis no exception. It is obviously important therefore to ensure that anyrecycling process is environmentally worthwhile. We have conducted anenergy audit on our process and established that making sheets this wayfrom waste materials uses between 50% and 70% of the energy that wouldbe used to create sheets from virgin material.

Because we donot melt the plastic completely, it gives off no noxious or harmfulfumes whilst it is being pressed. The only smell is the smell of theperfume used in fabric conditioners as this seems to leach into theplastic bottles in their first life."

So how is it made?

Six sheets at a time are produced under up to 180°C and at pressures up to 1000 tons. Nobinding agents or resins are added, it is simply the combination of heat andpressure that transforms the individual chunks or flakes (from shredded plastic bottles) into acomplete board.


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