Low carbon production
Reduced air polution in production
The item can be recycled after use
Made from recycled material
Promotes sustainable consumer practice. The material has been sourced from a well managed sustainable supply
Reduced Dunnage. Less material is discarded as waste
Reuse of post-consumer material

The Vicky Handbag

Handbag created by textile designer Sarah Bayley

Produced using a weaving technique with bottle tops and components sourced from local industries. The result is a very individual unique bag that won't be seen anywhere else.

Please allow Sarah 4 weeks to hand make and certify the design.

A testament to creative re-use of material. H25 W15 D10

Colours and materials may vary depending on the recycled components collected.

*Please note these bags are made to order, please call or email for price quotation.

Please call us on 01637 877 287 for a friendly chat should you have any questions, or email us on

A Bit about Sarah Bayley

Sarah is a leading textile designer based in Falmouth Cornwall, and is a well respected member of the hidden art collective.

Extra Information

So where do the materials come from?

Manufacture in the UK can produce lots unwanted pieces during production. This in known as dunnage. Normally it would end up in landfills. Now thanks to a new scheme the unwanted pieces can be collected and reused by designer such Sarah Bayley.

Many of her designs cleverly reuse material drawing life back into its very purpose. Each design is hand crafted, and is purely a one off. So you can guarantee no one has the same design!

A vibrant design to make anyone stand out of the grey.

Please allow Sarah 4 weeks to hand make and certify the design.

If you require further information,please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 0845 3962 156